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Arctic Beauty by ARTDECO

Arctic Beauty

Noua colectie fascinanta Arctic Beauty de la Artdeco a fost inspirata din spectrul irizatiilor de culoare al cristalelor de gheata, aurorele fermecatoare si peisaje le glaciare se intind cat poti vedea cu ochii

From Artdeco: 

The High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo is an all-rounder that conjures up a smokey eyes look in no time. The highly pigmented stylo can be used as eyeshadow, highlighter, eyeliner or khol. The eyeshadow pen lasts for up to ten hours and is water-resistant after a few minutes. The rich color output and the delicately creamy, smooth texture leaves a perfect finish. The integrated sharpener at the end of the stick ensures a perfect refill shape. No. 20 "benefit frozen sand", a warm beige, and No. 40 "benefit frozen rose", a delicate rose, accentuate the eyes. No. 46 "benefit lavender grey", a dark mauve, and No. 50 "benefit blue marguerite", a shimmering metallic dark blue, lend the eyes some class.
The eye and skin compatibility of the High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo are dermatologically approved.

The liquid Glam Stars Liquid Eyeliner with glitter particles embedded in a transparent gel texture, provides glamorous highlights. The colors No. 2 "silver" and the new shade No. 11 "platinum" guarantee a sparkling look. The brush of the perfume-free liner allows for easy application and uniform application of color. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

The "platinum" Sparkling Lash Drops in a handy tube ensure magical moments. The transparent texture with microfine silver particles spreads easily, dries quickly and leaves lightweight, long-lasting glitter. The glittering gel can be applied to lashes or as a top coat to eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks and décolleté. The skin compatibility of the perfume-free Sparkling Lash Drops is dermatologically approved.

The creamy texture of the Perfect Color Lipsticks pampers the skin with nourishing waxes and oils. Vitamin E protects against free radicals and moisture loss. With No. 101 "cool orchid", No. 103 "cool peach" and No. 105 "cool coral" the Perfect Color Lipstick lends the lips shimmering accents. 

The gluten and mineral oil-free Glam Stars Lip Gloss makes the lips shimmer. The smooth texture is characterized by high durability and optimal opacity. The pleasantly scented gloss with flock applicator provides full, even gleaming lips. No. 31 "glam frozen orchid" gives the lips a subtle pink shine. No. 33 "glam frozen rose" and No. 35 "glam frozen flower" impress in iridescent nude tones. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

The Arctic Beauty Blush "ice garden" offers the perfect combination of three delicate colors with a light shimmer. The blusher leaves a fine finish on the cheeks. The elegant texture convinces with its enhanced color brilliance and durability. Mineral sericite ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin. In keeping with the collection, the ice crystals are pressed as a relief onto the rouge. The Arctic Beauty Blush available in a precious mirror box is lanolin-, mineral oil-, paraben- and perfume-free.

The perfume-free Glam Vintage Shimmer Cream in No. 4 "brown", No. 7 "moonlight" and in the new shade No. 8 "starlight rosé" lends the eyes, cheeks and décolleté luxurious accents. 

The three-color elegant Arctic Beauty Highlighter "antarctica" in a high-quality mirror box combines highlighter and eyeshadow powder in one. Light-reflecting pigments and fine pearl ensure high color brilliance and a precious shimmer. In keeping with the collection, the ice crystals are pressed as a relief onto the rouge so as to give a 3D impression. The skin compatibility of the lanolin-, paraben- and perfume-free Arctic Beauty Highlighter is dermatologically approved.

The highlight of the collection is the luxurious, transparent Arctic Beauty Dust "starlight rosé" in retro pump bottle. The glitter powder with a hint of vanilla has a refining effect on the décolleté, arms and hair. The microfine glitter powder particles blend perfectly with the complexion and make the skin shimmer seductively like little diamonds in the moonlight.

The Glam Stars Glitterspray in No. 1 "silver" and No. 3 "gold" perfects the glamorous look. When sprayed about 30 cm away, fine glitter particles conjure up fantastic highlights on the skin and hair.

The Art Couture Nail Lacquer, a high-tech nail lacquer, uses patented ingredients to ensure a long-lasting, brilliant shine. The high pigment content ensures rich colors with high opacity. The highly effective gel-based film-forming agent ensures a short drying time. The length, width and rounding of the consisting of high-quality Tynex fibers guarantee a high level of precision and flawlessly painted nails. Nourishing active ingredients such as amino peptides, panthenol, vitamins A, C and E and phycorail, a moisturizing seaweed extract, enhance the structure of the nail. The iridescent, limited-edition shades No. 04 "couture crushed ice", a metallic rose with green tint, and No. 08 "couture frozen land", a metallic silver, are eye-catchers. The glamorous look is completed by No. 608 "couture pearl", a delicate golden rose shade. No. 955 "couture ice flower" is reminiscent of frost patterns.

Colectia limitata Arctic Beauty va fi disponibila in magazine incepand cu luna Octombrie 2015.


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