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Angel, the movie: A break from the traditional visual expression of Angel, an unprecedented style in the world of perfume.

Born from the explosion of a star in the infinite blue of the cosmos, a woman takes shape before our very eyes: a silhouette on the move. She walks towards us with a determined stride, stepping through the waves and strata, visual metaphors of the ANGEL effects, brought with her from her celestial journey. These transformations give form to her femininity as she arrives before us, confident, triumphant and bold. A powerful woman, still half draped in sky blue… This is the triumph rather than the birth of Venus. She carries her favorite star like a trophy, the emblem of her addiction.”

Christophe de Lataillade, Creative Director, Clarins Fragrance Group

The image of ANGEL takes a radical departure with the choice of its new face, Georgia May Jagger, and graphic design. While breaking away from previous campaigns and traditional advertising, it is in perfect keeping with the bold and daring style that makes the iconic brand stand out. Evoking the multiple facets of the fragrance without apparent chronology, the story proposes various “effects” traversed by a woman: it attempts to visually express the abstract reality, dream-like atmosphere or subjective perception of a fragrance. From Norwegian director Sølve Sundsbø, this film is infused with strong emotional power and modernity.

“Metamorphosis is at the heart of all Muglerian projects and is clearly at the heart of Angel. The ANGEL effect is the metamorphosis of a woman who expresses the different facets of the fragrance: the celestial facet, which we might even call cosmic, the delicious facet and the voluptuous facet. This effect expresses the universality of youth and speaks to us all in a completely new language. ”

“This film is, by far, the most difficult and the most complex of any that the Brand has made, with five simultaneous sets, including one with our new muse.”
Christophe de Lataillade, Creative Director, Clarins Fragrance Group

ANGEL, a woman who is « part-angel, part-demon »

Sure of her power, the ANGEL woman steps onto center stage like a fascinating diva. She is, above all, a bewitching seductress, a triumphant woman who hides her game well: she is not necessarily the angel we think she is… She is part-angel and part-demon, characterized by a subtle mixture of strength and fragility: sometimes daring, sometimes fragile, but always surprising.

She commits to the different facets of her personality and femininity with captivating insolence. She makes the most of her assets with a continuous array of dizzying transformations. Seductive, ultra-feminine or provocatively bewitching, both strong and fragile, she wavers between delicacy and sensuality, gentleness and power. Bold, confident, conquering and impertinent, she spurns banality and opts for this captivating and fascinating heroine.

« For me, the Mugler brand embodies a strong and confident woman, as well as a form of creativity that you cannot classify ». Georgia May Jagger

A dazzling rising star in the world of fashion and beauty, Georgia May Jagger is instantly recognizable by her full pout; already an acknowledged style icon at just 22 years old, she has won over the top international fashion magazines: British Vogue, American Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Dazed and Confused, I.D., Purple, LOVE, W Magazine…

The choice of Georgia May Jagger ushers in a new era in the ANGEL legend and was entirely self-evident… since her mother, Jerry Hall, already had a close connection to the brand’s history: a regular at Thierry Mugler’s couture shows, she was ANGEL’s emblematic muse from 1995 to 1997.

« I was completely painted blue for the film and I really liked doing something crazy like that... People tend to reproduce the same things, when it’s so much fun doing something different ». Georgia May Jagger

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